poor joe smith :(

June 14, 2007

“I am cute and enjoy smiling so please put me on the cover of Sports Illustrated thanks!” (Also can we please get more pictures of him? I’m sick of just using this one, guh.)

Poor Joey. He poses for the cover of Sports Illustrated with Omar Minaya, Endy Chavez, Willie Randolph, El Duque, and John Maine and ends up cropped out of the photo? Oh, the indignity! The boy doesn’t even have food in his refrigerator! Let’s give him something, jeez. Also, I need more pictures of him to look at.

Danny actually pointed me to this story and joked that SI just cost themselves a sale, but eh, I still bought it. It’s nice to see Omar get some publicity for the generally bang-up job he’s done as the Mets’ GM, and SI does a nice job of connecting his bio to his current professional style (kind of a pat, convenient narrative device, but hey if you’ve got it why not use it). I also love how absolutely fucking goofy everyone looks on the cover (c’mon, Joey would’ve out-goofed ’em all!). It’s too bad it coincides with, uh, this fucking abominable losing streak the Mets have going at the moment.

Joey, I’m here just in case you need someone to console you. I’ll stop by Trader Joe’s if you want! You don’t have to live off ballpark hot dogs! I’ll make a nice swordfish dinner. Just sayin’.