bizarro mets play, win bizarro game

August 13, 2008

On a night when Johan Santana didn’t perform up to his capabilities (though, truth be told, even mediocre Santana is boneriffic), giving up two leads–including a game-tying homer to…pinch-hitting Ryan Langerhans?!–the offense miraculously plated the go-ahead run by…getting hit in the head? How poetic. With the bases loaded, Jerry Manuel made the genius move of pinch-hitting Castro for Daniel Murphy aka Jesus and…he struck out? WHAT! Jesus Murphy was supposed to hit an eight-run homer! Desperate for more runs–because, as Howie Rose put it last night, “With this bullpen, a one-run lead is as skinny as you can get”–Santana is pulled for…Brian Schneider?! Who strikes out. Which isn’t bizarre so much as comically tragically predictable. But with a 4-3 lead, Santana was in the position of winning the game. We’ve heard that one before.

And then the bullpen…didn’t blow it?

Not sure if it was the bullpen meeting before the game–led by Scott Schoeneweis, of all people–or Jerry’s ludicrous notion that Maine or Perez would be moved to the pen, or if it’s just that the Nationals are terrible, but somehow Joe Smith and Pedro Feliciano (not, I repeat NOT Eddie Kunz, despite Manuel’s blather about how Kunz would get the first closing opportunity…WTF I say, but considering Feliciano got it done I’m not about to argue…too much. Maybe a little, as a matter of principle, of sticking to your word and all that) managed to…throw strikes? And get batters out?

Bizarre. But I’ll take it.

In other bizarre news, Boston scored TEN FUCKING RUNS in the first inning and STILL needed to rally against Texas to win 19-17. I wonder if Massholes got drunk last night (ex-boyfriend’s text last night “OMG WTF IS HAPPPENIG” confirms suspicions).


April 20, 2008

The Mets lost tonight’s ballgame against the Phillies, unable to get the sweep (oh how sweet it would have been), but considering I was merely hoping for a possible series win, that possibility becoming fact would have made a win tonight mere icing (but oh how sweet icing is).

In spite of the loss, I feel pretty confident with this team. Here is the difference between 2007 and 2008: Off a less-than-stellar Mike Pelfrey performance (neither as good as this season nor as bad as last) that saw the Phillies jump to a 4-0 lead thanks to ridiculously good Chase Utley’s two home runs, I found myself muttering “All right, time to shave it down, boys.” Whereas last season I would be moaning with the back of my hand resting on my forehead like Morrissey. Little did I know that the very inning after Utley’s 3-run shot, the Mets would tie the game. Whereas last season the bullpen would give up another couple of runs and the Mets would make some late inning rallies only to lose somewhere within the margin of runs that the bullpen would have given up.

Another (less fun) difference between 2007 and 2008: tonight’s very deserving loser, Pedro Feliciano. I realize PedroDos has been having family issues in Puerto Rico, but as he trotted in to pitch the seventh (after a solid sixth by Jorge Sosa, further establishing his Jekyll-and-Hydeness) I thought, “Oh, I hope this isn’t terrible.” Whereas last year I would have been all “YEAH TAKE THAT YOU MUTHAFUCKAS!!!” or something similarly confident. He has just not been the same this year, and was especially bad in this series. Immediately he gives up a pinch-hit homer (wtf was up with the Phillies’ pinch-hit homers this series? Or all their eighty homers in general? Oh CBP, where possibly even I could hit a home run) to Pedro Feliz of all people. Utley then singles (at least it wasn’t another goddam homer), Ryan Howard strikes out (Delgado Jr. this one is becoming), Pat Burrell walks, and Geoff Jenkins flies out. With runners on first and second and two out, Joe Smith backwards K’s righty Chris Coste and then works a perfect 8th. It’s getting so I only trust Duaner, Smith, and Wags in our bullpen now.

It’s too bad that Brian Schneider was out with an injury tonight, especially considering how much credit Pelfrey gave him after his last win. It’s too bad Willie decided to put Luis Castillo back in the two spot after Ryan Church had been doing so well there, especially considering Castillo’s complete inability to move up the two runners on base in the top of the ninth with no outs. It’s too bad Eric “Error” Bruntlett decided to not boot Carlos Beltran’s hard-hit, probable 2-run single and instead make a great play for the final out, especially considering all the terrible runs he’s gifted to us already this season. It’s too bad we couldn’t sweep, especially now that we’re back to second place behind the Marlins (ugh, really?), but 2 out of 3 against the Phillies? That’s two series in a row. I’ll take that from here on out.