oh blerg

April 21, 2008

Tonight I went to watch the Mets-Cubs game at Mullholland’s, the only sports bar I know of in Williamsburg (not to be all adverty, but what a nice space to watch a game; if I had an actual readership I’d set up a game-watching meetup here) and found myself surrounded by Cubs fans, of all things. Where is the turnout, Brooklyn Mets fans?! Oh, do you all have TVs unlike me?

You all saw or listened to or heard about the game, so I won’t get into specifics, except to say that before the start of this short two-game series, I made a bet with my Cubs fan pal Michael. The team whose bullpen gave up the most runs in this series would buy the other a fancy dinner, provided that one of us was in each other’s city at some point.

Suffice it to say, I was pretty confident in our bullpen (well, at least those members whose names are Duaner, Joe, and Billy) and was feeling better about it before I realized that Ryan Dempster–he of the roughly 38 ERA vs. the Mets last season–was now a starter.

WELL. Thanks to Aaron Heilman (with a nice little assist from Jorge Sosa), it seems that I’ve already lost this bet. Because even though I believe the Mets will take tomorrow’s game, I think the runs will be scored off of Ted Lilly rather than Michael Wuertz or Kerry Wood or whatever deadweight is currently in that pen.

So Mike, you better hope that I actually make it down to San Marcos when Emily moves there. Otherwise, you’ll have to make good on your two-years’ standing vow to come back to New York. And pick a place. Oh also: go eat a dick.