this game was just

April 10, 2008

We needed this. We really needed this. After breaking the nine-game skid to the Phillies, the Mets really needed to step it up, to not lose in yet another heartbreaking fashion in extra innings (fucking deja vu this was, AGAIN, wasn’t it), to win the game and take the series. And take the series they did.

I am too exhausted to really talk at length about it, but gold stars to:

  • John Maine for a good, if not great, outing. He was much better tonight than he was in Atlanta, and seemed to really get going in the middle of the game; a shame he gave up a homer and double to start the seventh before getting pulled.
  • Pedro Feliciano, after issuing a walk, getting three consecutive strike outs to end the seventh
  • Ryan Church, who I am liking more and more, for his two-out, two-run single to get the Mets on the board in the 4th
  • Billy Wagner, looking absolutely dominant. Hopefully we can get this guy a save some day
  • Joe Smith for a solid tenth inning and, despite allowing two baserunners in the eleventh on some bad luck and shaky defense (that punk bitch Cole Hamels hit a sac bunt as a pinch hitter and Schneider couldn’t field it, GUH), barreling down to get Fave Phillie Eric “Error” Bruntlett, who couldn’t get the bunt down to save his life, setting up:
  • Scott Schoeneweis, who gets a tremendous double play to end the inning. As he entered the game I thought, “Well here goes this game.” I’m sure I’m not the only one who was feeling cynical (much of this was, well, historical, but also residual anger for the offense yet again not being able to plate runners in scoring position). Well thank you for proving me wrong, Show. I promise to not bitch about you for the next two weeks. And I hope you’ve earned some goodwill from the fans at Shea. I hope you can build on this and turn those boos into cheers.
  • Jorge Sosa, as efficient I’ve ever seen him, throwing exactly one pitch to get the win
  • Jose Reyes and Angel Pagan’s two-out, bottom of the twelfth heroics: Reyes double, and Pagan (who has by far been the most productive hitter so far…can we keep him at the #2 spot forever?) with a single up the middle to score a speeding Reyes; no other player would have scored on that hit

BIG FAT FUCKING TURD SANDWICH: Aaron Heilman. How many fucking runs are you going to give up in consecutive eight innings, Heilman? I was pretty high on you last week; way to waste all that goodwill quickly. I do not want to see you in the eighth inning of a close game in a very long time. Duaner can’t come back soon enough. Or failing that, a Smith/Feliciano platoon, as they are the only two relievers in this bullpen (aside from Wagner) who don’t make my heart thump irregularly in my chest.

For more Heilman vitriol (with an extra dollop reserved for Big Situation Automatic Strikeout Leader Carlos Beltran), see Coop.

it would be nice to beat the phillies more than 10% of the time, but let’s call this a stepping stone

April 10, 2008

Go Big Pelf!

Well that’s more like it. Our nine-game losing streak to Phillies has finally (huzzah!) been snapped. Break out the bubbly!

After a stressful day of trying to find ANYONE who would go to the game with me tonight (considering all my friends were sick/busy/unresponsive after initial interest/had experienced in-person at least two Pelfrey losses last season and had had enough/more injured than Pedro, Alou, and El Duque combined), I warily posted an ad on Craigslist only to have a very nice Chicagoan via Los Angeles who’d spent time in New Orleans–attending many a Zephyr game–respond, and we had quite the pleasant evening, mist be damned. It helps when your team wins 8-2.

The offense tonight wasn’t exactly sterling (how in hell do you manage to have the bases loaded in both the first and second innings and only score one run?!) but the Mets were able to capitalize on some ungodly/comical errors by the Phillies, including two by my favorite Phillie Eric Bruntlett. Can he play all the time plzkthx. That lovely man got a very warm Shea round of applause when he came up to bat later in the game.

The big story for me was seeing Pelfrey (of whom, ahem, I may have said some not-nice things about once upon a time) look loose and comfortable on the mound, doing a lot to alleviate at least some of the fears that Mets fans have regarding our starting rotation. Not all, of course, but some. If he can pitch with any semblance of the consistency and–forgive me–flat-out cojones of tonight, then I’ll be more than happy to see him up here all year. What was most impressive to me was working out of that jam in the second inning: by rights he should’ve been out of it if not for a SPECTACULARLY HORRENDOUS fielding job by Jose Reyes on what should’ve been the inning-ending DP. I may or may not have yelled “Wake the fuck up Reyes!” with children around. A run would eventually score, but instead of channeling an ’07 Perez/Maine Ritalin commercial, Pelfrey hunkered down and got through the inning relatively unscathed. I really wanna buy me one of them shirts.

Other tidbits:

  • I am very excited for CitiField. I hope I’ll be able to go at least once.
  • There’s some kind of ridiculous fan dance-off that occurs at some point. The PA guy played some Bee Gees and some white girl and some white boy were the contestants. After watching their atrocious moves I certainly screamed “Y’all whitefolk can’t dance!” To the amusement of the Dominican father and son behind me. The white boy eventually won, mainly because he did a terrible worm while the girl just kind of did the “Wooo I’m so drunk!!!!” sorority girl shuffle.
  • Very many people commented approvingly on my Mets-colored Converse sneakers, which I custom designed on their website. Dorky yes, but this happened when I was listening to a John Maine-pitched spring training game, and I was full of optimism and light.
  • Phillies fans are really ugly and boorish. There was at least one fight that broke out, which prompted a lot of jeers and laughter from the Mets fans in attendance
  • My favorite at-bat songs: Brian Schneider’s “In The Air Tonight” (Phil Collins, lolz) and Pelfrey’s “Nasty” (Janet, Ms. Jackson if you’re…well you know. Song rulz!)
  • There’s nothing better than a 7-train ride home after a win and everyone in the car chants “Let’s Go Mets!” and gives each other high-fives and fist-bumps and thumbs-up. Hey Mets, please give us fans more of these moments please and thank you.