May 28, 2008

The Mets won two games in a row? WHAT?!

A winning streak? BUH?

A come-from-behind win…in extra innings? SHLUH?!

And for the first time in weeks, a real team effort tonight. I missed what turned out to be about half of the game as I was having an amazing all you can eat mussels dinner at Petite Abeille with Stan and his delightful ladyfriend, the Reese Witherspoon Doppelganger. I got home in time to hear Scott Schoeneweis throw what’s becoming an astonishingly routinely easy inning and hear the score as 5-4 Marlins. Immediately I’m all GROOOOAAANNNNN OLLIE. I check the box score and see how those runs happened to be (Luis Castillo hit a home run? WHU?!) and then crack open a beer and think, “All right, let’s do this.” Optimism? Why, I haven’t been optimistic since the Yankees series!

Endy’s game-tying home run. Excellent bullpen performance (the Amezega homer off Duaner notwithstanding…and hey, even then I still thought, “We can get that back.” Talk about optimism). And a beautiful finish, with Fernando Tatis clobbering the walk-off hit in yet another productive night.

I won’t say this is the turning point, and I won’t say this is momentum, but this is as good a time as any to start building towards something close to this team’s potential. Baby steps, sure. But who doesn’t cheer on when the baby begins to waddle?

Now, bring on my hated Dodgers. I will be there on Saturday. To watch, yet again, Mike Pelfrey pitch. Man, can I for once see a different starting pitcher?!


Time for some curt shilling: I will be reading this Friday night at the Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church on the Bowery. This is my first reading in roughly two years. If you find yourself with nothing to do and feel compelled to listen to some tortured pyscho-sexual violence mixed with some gallows humor, come on by! Info here.

cross-bloggination pt 2

March 28, 2008

So, in case anyone is interested in my non-baseball blogging thoughts (ha! no one is even interested in that!): I have been/am co-editing an anthology of short fiction by gay male writers under thirty that is due to be released sometime later this year. The contributors to the anthology have been blogging random ephemera here.

I have to say that I’m proud of the book if only for the myriad views on “modern gay life” that it offers up–and in some ways, treats it as an afterthought, as a given, as a simple fact that even needs not be mentioned.

More to come when this is actually published, surely, but I figured I’d get a head start.


March 26, 2008

My pals over at the fine and funny And Here Come The Prezels! made the mistake of asking me to write a preview for the NL East. Not only was I able to rehash some old jokes, I fucked up on html because I am that much of a professional.

Because I enjoy spreading my inane bullshit all over the internet, go here please and thank you.