first game at citi field

It’s gonna take a while before I stop calling it “Shea,” which I did at least three times today. But thanks to the graciousness of Coop, I got to go to my first game at Citi Field, and thankfully, see the first ever Mets win at the new ballpark. A solid outing from Oliver Perez who, despite Coop’s and my repeated shouts of “Don’t do it Ollie!” decided to show off his good side tonight. Which basically means he’ll be terrible next time out. And that wacky inning where Castillo and Reyes scored on wild pitches and errors was pretty thrilling even if I could not believe what exactly had happened.

And I got to experience my first home run by a Met in Citi Field as well, when Carlos Delgado went yard. I say “experience” and not “see,” because it was at this exact moment some Eurotrash young’uns decided they needed to leave the ballpark, blocking our view. Coop and I were able to laugh it off by being xenophobic and making jokes at their expense in some kind of Slavic accent. “Vy do zey call eet a humron? Vat eef I vanto valk hum?” You had to be there, I guess. Always a good un-PC time with the Coop.

It’s gonna take some time before this place feels like home. It’s lovely and sometimes breathtaking, but it feels so sterile and pristine that it almost makes me feel bad for being drunk and vulgar, like I’m yelling in a museum. I imagine it’s going to take a few dozen games before I know where everything is, but at least I know that Shake Shack (line was too long, boo) and Box Frites (yum!) are right next to each other.

The view from Coop’s seats in the Promenade. I don’t remember ever feeling so ON TOP of the field at Shea; here it felt like almost a completely vertical downward view whereas Shea’s views seemed a bit more expansive and theatrical. I kept feeling like I was missing some of the action, and constantly had to reorient where the scoreboards were. I don’t think I will master this until I’ve been here a few times.

I bought a Daniel Murphy shirt in medium because that was the smallest size they had THANKS A LOT YOU GUYS, which prompted a new meme (see: MARLON I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU!, haha THAT’S a little out of date now, eh?) whenever he came up to bat: “C’mon Murph! I’m wearing your shirt!”

Takin’ care of business. How I’ve missed hearing that (you know what I didn’t miss though? SWEET FUCKING CAROLINE, which everyone booed, with good reason).

3 Responses to first game at citi field

  1. caryn says:

    glad everyone continues to boo Sweet Caroline. Maybe they will get the idea.

  2. betheboy says:

    I had tickets that family circumstances prevented me from using. Now back in LA waiting for them to come play the dodgers in May.

  3. […] his baby), he is personally responsible for debacles like Lucas Prada’s ill fated Mets anthem, the daily booing of Sweet Caroline every home game, the elimination of Old Timers Game (check when the last one was), not pleading with the Wilpons to […]

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