livan, he shall be a good man


I was, let’s say, not exactly 100% enthused with Livan Hernandez being another one of Omar Minaya’s old timer reclamation projects, winning the fifth starting spot basically by default, and highlighting the thought, “So we fixed the bullpen…but, uh, the rotation? SHEESH.”

Not that I think he’ll consistently give us 6.2 innings of 2-run ball, but if he does anything even close to comparable in the majority of his starts then I think I’ll be pretty happy to see him get the ball every fifth game. 1st and 3rd with no outs? No problem, says Livan, helped by the Mets defense (including a highlight reel inning-ending unassisted double play by David Wright). It was a nice to see a real professional on the mound last night; in the same circumstances, you can look at certain other pitchers in our rotation *ahem Ollie ahem* and envision a scenario wherein they, instead of barreling down and getting the out, spontaneously burst into flames instead.

Remember how we were all “ZOMG we have a real bullpen now!”? Haha, OOPS. But at least the Mets were hitting last night, the charge led by…Luis Castillo? Zuh?! Luis Castillo, armed with a pre-game talk with Jerry Manuel and the possible realization of “ho shit the home opener is soon, please don’t boo me,” got four hits and scored the first two runs of the game, the second on Jose Reyes’ first homer of the season. Pretty good start to the campaign, Luis. Hey Jerry, maybe talk to David Wright now?

Another hitter campaigning very loudly is Ryan Church, hitting two doubles last night and currently batting .526. You think he wants to be sat in favor of Sheffield on Wednesday, as is the plan? No, he does not. And considering that’s the game I’ll be attending (thanks, Coop!), I don’t want to see that happen either. Please don’t let that happen. I want to cheer on Church, thanks.

2 Responses to livan, he shall be a good man

  1. caryn says:

    Hello, this is the Mets Cliche Patrol alerting you that no one is allowed to quote Elton John when discussing Livan Hernandez.

    Thank you for your cooperation

  2. billyfabs says:

    hello, i don’t follow fake rules of fake organizations that hate fun, sorry.

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