“daniel murphy is our boyfriend”

I may have said that when this happened.

Also: “God, he’s so cute,” exclaimed Corey. Yes. Though I’m glad he deferred to Beltran on that fly to center. Get away from there, Murph! Not your territory, boyfriend.

Thanks to Matt Cerrone of Metsblog.com for hosting the Opening Day shindig.

2 Responses to “daniel murphy is our boyfriend”

  1. betheboy says:

    I couldn’t get the WFAN feed this afternoon so i was forced to listen to the awful Reds broadcast team who insisted on calling our Danny boy, Dennis Murphy. If that wasn’t bad enough they called Jose-Jose-Jose, Carlos Reyes.

    Check a program guys.

  2. Bill W says:

    He is a dish, and I hope he outperforms his projections by 20%.

    I also hope my other boyfriend has a good start on Friday night.

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