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3 Responses to UGH

  1. OK, if you need power for cheap (and it will be cheap) why not take a guy that could be angry enough to provide it? Is he an asshole? Yes, he is. Can he still hit? Remains to be seen. Is it worth a million and a couple dozen games with limited at-bats to find out? YES.

    I went through the same problem with Steph Marbury, and my arguments against were mostly, “he’s a dick and might not be good anymore.” My arguments for him were, “he could be the small pick-up that allows the second unit to beat other teams.” I’ll take the chance at the latter any day. ANY DAY.

  2. billyfabs says:

    he is an asshole, yes. and that accounts for a lot of my trepidation. but also, and i know this is TERRIBLE in terms of wanting my team to win, but i really really want to see murphy and church try and and contribute like i (and other mets fans) hope. i understand the reasons for it, and will be really happy to see him contribute with the game on the line. doesn’t mean i’ll cheer him, and doesn’t mean that i won’t be wishing that, instead of sheffield in that big spot, it was murphy or church proving themselves.

  3. Bill W says:

    the asshole factor means nothing to me. too old, can’t hit. signed for being “famous.”

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