February 26, 2009

Here is the first line in the description of this book:

Bureau of American Defense operative Carlos Delgado has spent the past sixteen years watching over his shoulder, waiting for death to catch up to him.

By “death” I think they mean “Phillies.”


what the fuck, robbie alomar

February 12, 2009

Read this.

If this is all true, this makes him a tremendous scumbug. Inexcusable actions. But while I was shaking my head in disgust the whole time, this part really raised an eye:

In March or early April, 2005, the Defendant, ROBERTO ALOMAR, advised the plaintiff, ILYA DALL, that he, the Defendant, was raped by two Mexican men after playing a ball game in New Mexico or a southwestern state, when he was seventeen years of age.

THIS. This sounds incredibly fishy and unbelievable. What is more believable, perhaps, is considering the possibility that Alomar may have been, oh, having sex with men and covering up part of his inclinations (remember all those Gay Met rumors, leading up to that Piazza bullshit?), leading to a vast complicated web of denial including NOT GETTING TESTED FOR HIV. This is an extreme, sad, pitiable , dangerous example of what life in the closet can entail.

Of course, that’s all projection on my part. But this enrages me. I pity Ms. Dall. I pity any sexual partner of Alomar’s. I hope Mary Pierce is fine.

And I pity Roberto Alomar himself. This is a terrible thing to have to go through. And the sad thing is, it didn’t have to be like this. I pity him, but this is inexcusable and so fucking sad.


February 12, 2009

This is the best post about the Mets that I’ve ever seen.

February 11, 2009

Per Adam Rubin (emphasis mine):

In Game No. 162 against the Marlins on Sept. 28, reliever Joe Smith was summoned to replace Oliver Perez with the bases loaded and one out and the Mets trying to keep their deficit at 1-0. The problem? Smith had not been instructed to be warming up at the time. He had been up earlier in the sixth inning, but had been sitting idle for three to four batters when the call to the bullpen came, the Daily News has learned.

Smith, hurrying after getting the unexpected news, actually smacked his head while leaving the bullpen, a source said. The sidearm reliever proceeded to walk Josh Willingham on five pitches to force in John Baker as Florida took a 2-0 lead. That game turned out to be Smith’s final appearance as a Met. He was the lone Met to land with the Indians in the three-team deal that brought J.J. Putz, Sean Green and Jeremy Reed to Flushing.

Carlos Beltran’s two-run homer a half-inning later tied the score, but eighth-inning homers by Wes Helms off Scott Schoeneweis and Dan Uggla offLuis Ayala resulted in Florida’s 4-2 win and lifted the Brewers to the wild-card crown. Schoeneweis subsequently was traded to the Diamondbacks, with the Mets eating $1.6 million of the $3.6 million owed to him. Ayala, a free agent, signed with the Twins.

Smith had even been given a cover story in case the reliever was questioned by the media after the game about entering without warming up. Television cameras apparently never caught Smith idle before being inserted, or smacking his head, and the episode went unquestioned. The temperature was 71 degrees at the first pitch, so it wasn’t a frigid day. Still, relievers generally aren’t conditioned – physically or mentally – to sit for several batters and then enter cold.

Smith, reached at his West Palm Beach, Fla., home before leaving for Cleveland’s spring training complex in Arizona, declined to comment.

Basically, I just miss Joe Smith 😦