Hate to say goodbye to Endy Chavez and Joe Smith (you all know how much I love Joe Smith), as well as Mike Carp (we hardly knew ye), but that sting is taken out with the subtraction of Aaron Heilman and the addition of JJ Putz. I can’t say I’ll miss Heilman and his kicked-puppy look on the mound, but I wish him well and hope he gets that starting job he’s been longing for.

As for Endy, well…he’s a legend because of The Catch, and even if he doesn’t have much else in his portfolio I will always love the guy for that memory.

And Joe! 😦 Joe, one of my baseball boyfriends. That won’t change even if he’ll be in Cleveland, but long-distance relationships never work. Still, my love will never die. Joe Smith, the only guy I wanted to see coming out of the bullpen during the last few months of the season, and the only reliever I wanted the Mets to hold onto. He’s got great stuff and he’s only going to get better, and we’re going to miss his arm. I will also miss his smile and will listen to Laura Nyro’s incredible “Goodbye Joe” in tribute.

3 Responses to well

  1. Me says:

    Noooo!!! How could they trade Smitty?!! And Endy??!! 😦 I’m glad that Heilman’s gone, but still this is hard to take.

    I had to check in to see your reaction 🙂

  2. billyfabs says:

    the only silver lining to me is that now that cleveland has sizemore and joe, i have another team to root for

  3. Lou Brutus says:

    Thanks for being in a believer in the power of Joe Smith and linking to the page!

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