what got into delgado?

I mean, all of his swings look like this now:

Don’t believe me? Look at the previous post!!!

I know there are chants of “MVP!” at Shea and I know there are grumbly Mets fans who find it ludicrous but in my mind, if Jimmy Rollins can win last year then why not Delgado this year? Especially if he continues to put this team on his back, hitting huge homers in big spots. I can’t recall a homer of Delgado’s in the past few weeks that hasn’t been important, tying a game or providing a lead. And sure, there have been steadier players this year with the numbers to back it up, but when has that ever stopped emotion from ruling all? When has that stopped the importance of narrative? And Delgado’s narrative–a year and a half of uselessness to unstoppable power–is as compelling as any other in sports right now. Who doesn’t love redemption? Just ask Roger Federer and Serena Williams this weekend.

Oliver Perez was absolutely dreadful last night, and it seemed terribly predictable that he’d struggle against the Nationals. One hoped that his season’s turnaround would continue; I don’t ever recall him being as consistent in his career as he has been in the past few months. Part of me wondered if it had to happen at some point, his regression to Mr. Hyde; thankfully he was helped by the offense as well as a bullpen that was able to shut it down (not including Nelson Figueroa and Brandon Knight, but what does it say about Heilman that he wasn’t even considered last night?) and get a win for Joe Smith, for the Mets, and thank God for the Marlins for almost-but-not-quite blowing a huge lead to the Phillies. Identical scores of 10-8. 2 1/2 game lead. Phew.

6 Responses to what got into delgado?

  1. Bill W says:

    “When has that stopped the importance of narrative? ”

    See, now you sound like a cable-news election analyst, and it doesn’t get worse than that.

    Delgado is the 5th or 6th most valuable Met, and Albert Pujols is the NL’s best player this YEAR. (Not starting on June 27.) As far as Rollins goes, that way lies madness. (And yeah, Delgado would be a worse pick than J-Roll was. Not as bad as Terry Pendleton tho.)

  2. billyfabs says:

    well excuse me for finding the narrative of a person’s life and career to be exciting and, yes, valuable

  3. billyfabs says:

    another thing: the question you quote is a valid question. considering i’m apparently fox news, how many times does fact trump story in the minds of the electorate? plenty if you look at recent presidential election results.

  4. Bill W says:

    But the thing is, we can use objective criteria to determine who’s more productive as a baseball player. To me, you can’t be more valuable than the best player, and every measure I trust says it’s Pujols, and that over the course of the *whole* season Delgado isn’t one of the 4 or 5 best first basemen in the NL.

    Now is he the NL MVP of the SUMMER? Perhaps. Or Comeback Player of the (Same) Year.

  5. Bill W says:

    I was just indulging my pet peeve about the recent use of “narrative” on the news, bud, it ain’t no thing.

  6. Bill W says:

    btw, Pujols is hitting .455/.533/.935 since August 15. Pretty good narrative for a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

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