texas vs. new york

It seems vaguely poetic that I would return to New York City disillusioned with the traffic and its people (well, Williamsburg at least) and the cramped space (well, my apartment) after a nigh revelatory vacation in big open huge Texas only to hear that John Maine and the Mets were being bludgeoned by a team from Texas. Though I wasn’t anywhere near Houston, it felt fitting. As did the next day, still somewhat jetlagged, when the Mets squandered a 3-0 lead and then a 4-3 lead to lose in extra innings.

But for better or worse, the start of the working week ushered out the Texas dreams and the New York reality set in, and back to the elbowing subway traffic was I. And thankfully the Mets decided that a split of this four-game series was necessary, Carlos Delgado’s 6 RBI and Mike Pelfrey’s second consecutive complete game leading the charge as they head into Philadelphia for a critical two-game set, as the Phillies remain a half-game behind the Mets in the division (hey, formerly beloved Dodgers, remember how I thanked you for sweeping the Phillies? Well I take it back, since you just LAID DOWN AND DIED this weekend). Here’s hoping they’ll finally figure out how to hit against Jamie Moyer, but I’ll be happy with another split in case they don’t.

I’ll unfortunately miss tonight’s game as I will be attending the US Open just down the way from Shea. Apparently I’ll be watching Venus Williams and Roger Federer, which is pretty cool except Venus always plays horribly in early rounds and I’m pretty meh on Federer, genius notwithstanding (I think in athletes I appreciate hard work over genius, hm). And to tie this into the Mets, last night James Blake won a five-set thriller over young Donald Young, all the while having the interlocking NY Mets logo on his left sleeve. James Blake, I find you bland and disappointing, but you’ve just won a point in your favor. I guess.

2 Responses to texas vs. new york

  1. Bill W says:

    Welcome back… Blake lasting to the semis might actually get me to watch. If that’s bland, order me some!

    Not to bait ‘pitching machismo’ types, but I would not have let Big Pelf pitch the 9th. The mitigating factors are bullpen rest and the final pitch count being 108. Still seems like bowing to sentimentality / media-crowd crap to me; I’d have rather seen Stokes mop up. Remember the relative significance of a 9-1 complete game is if he runs out of gas in the last 2 weeks.

    Actual Keith quote on SNY on Sunday: “There’s too much *thinking* in today’s game. Just go out and do it!… It’s society-wide, lowering the bar.” Such a Republican.

  2. billyfabs says:

    blake is a looker sure but my god what a useless player he can be. he won’t make the semis; if he even makes it as far as the quarters he’ll have to face nadal, most likely.

    rationally i agree with you but of course to contradict keith i think the decision to leave him in was in fact NOT thinking and had more to do with the present emotion, wanting him to go nine and ride the momentum and feeding off the crowd’s lust. it was also an incredibly unlaborious 108 pitches.

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