I didn’t experience any of last night’s apparent demolishing of the Nationals, as I was at my requisite Wednesday night nerd hole of trivia at Pete’s Candy Store, which early on was packed to the gills with Wilco fans having drinks before heading over to McCarren Park Pool. All of which made the nerdy trivia regulars all wacky and mad. I suggested we shout, “Hey look it’s Jeff Tweedy!” at any schlubby white guy walking down Lorimer Street. Then we pretended like Wilco was going on early. Then we just tried singing Wilco songs, realizing that, um, we couldn’t remember any.

Anyway, at a certain point I saw some dude in a Mets hat and said, “Oh I should check the score.” Seeing the 8-run third inning, I shouted “It’s all cos Daniel Murphy is Jesus!” And a few Mets fans and I in the bar talked for a bit. Only later did I find out that it was true, Daniel Murphy was Jesus last night. Again.

SIGH. There’s got to be a Murphy bed pun I can make but I am too hungover right now. I held a boy’s hand last night to boot. A+ night all around I suppose.

One Response to MURPH’D

  1. Zoe says:

    if only you’d held daniel murphy’s hand last night 🙂

    it is true. i hear they’re having a trouble keeping water in the dugout, because murph just looks at it and it turns to wine.

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