another big PHEW in philly

Only the Mets can turn a 10-1 laugher into EXTREME AGITA NAILBITING BOTTOM OF THE NINTH GAME-WINNING RUN AT THE PLATE. What in the hell, Armas/Heilman/Wagner?! This team, I swear, is trying to kill me. I almost died last night. Didn’t realize my Great Mets Offense-induced coma almost turned life-threatening.

And then Goddam Jayson Werth comes up to face Billy Wagner as the game-winning run. A day after he hit the game-tying run in the bottom of the ninth. Of course, of course. I expected the worst, because you know the old saying about history repeating itself. I would like my new saying of “Billy Wagner should never pitch against the Phillies” to become as firmly entrenched.

But thankfully, that didn’t happen. Thankfully, Werth flied to right. Thankfully, the Mets held on for a 10-9 victory, move a game above .500, win the series, and pull to within 2.5 behind the Phils.

Phew. Thank fucking God.

One Response to another big PHEW in philly

  1. Staci says:

    HERE HERE! My wireless was acting up, so I had to ENDURE THE 8th & 9th inning via Baseball tonight- where every SCORE ALERT and “UPDATE” made me almost double over in pain…I was alone in my apartment just yelling at my TV…and every second that went by that I didn’t get my end of game text…I was in agony- I suspected the rest of Metsville was too…but I always love to realize that I’m truly not alone. I thought it was bad actually GOING to the first two games of the series, and enduring the classless, mean Phillies fans…but I think last night might have been the hardest of them all!
    Now, Let’s GO METS!

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