a yankee fan almost ruined my night

I didn’t experience any of last night’s monstrosity. I don’t know if this makes me a bad fan or what, but lately I’ve found myself missing a lot of games. I’ll just say that much of this has to do with the fact that they were on the West Coast. But last night I went to see the Breeders at Webster Hall, and therefore had more important things to do.

Before the show, I was home with my friend George as we ate Mexican food and sat in my now air-conditioned room. I did do some scoreboard watching and saw that the Mets jumped to a 5-1 lead. Weee!!, I thought, and we headed over to Webster Hall.

While waiting for the Breeders to come on stage, I checked the score on my phone and saw it was 5-3. George asked the score and I showed to him, grimacing.

The Breeders were awesome. Maybe one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. And then it was almost ruined by a bunch of yahoos behind us who kept screaming ridiculous things (like “I Just Wanna Hit A Bong,” oh ho ho what clever wit you have there my friend) as well as screaming along to every song. Now, singing along is fine, but when I CANNOT HEAR THE SINGER ON STAGE then please kindly shut the fuck up. Especially when it’s a ballad. No one wants to hear your off-key caterwauling, douche.

When the show was over I see the culprits: a trio of 19 year old college bros, one of whom was wearing a Jeter t-shirt. What a goddam surprise.

Yankee fans: ruiners of everything you enjoy.

After the show, George asked who won the game. I said, “Eh, they probably lost.” I really hate being right sometimes.

4 Responses to a yankee fan almost ruined my night

  1. Bill W says:

    I saw the Breeders back in the awful Mets days of, oh, Dallas Green?
    They’re playing a free show at McCarren Pool in July too.

    (Yankee fans: It’s all about THEM.)

  2. billyfabs says:

    i’m very excited about the mccarren show. except for all the sweaty jerkoffs that’ll be there.

  3. caryn says:

    on the train to the game yesterday, there were a group of guys highlighted by the one wearing the shirt that said, “you looked better on facebook,” which is the 2008 version of “no fat chicks”. we did everything we could to angle ourselves so we wouldn’t get on the same car as them, but no luck. at woodside gets on another group of bozos, drinking out of plastic glasses (the other guys were drinking out of brown paper bags).
    plastic cup bozo: “hey, bra – HEY, BRA, your shirt is awesome”
    paper bag bozo: “thanks dude’
    pc bozo: “you go to bucknell?” (the shirt had a bucknell logo on the sleeve)
    pb bozo: “nah, my buddy goes there, he hooked me up”
    as this conversation continued, over TBF’s shoulder, I catch the eye of a 60 year old latino grandmother, who is rolling her eyes to herself – we roll eyes together, and go back to our business.

    TBF: “well at least they’re mets fans” *pause* “check that, i wish they were yankees fans”

  4. billyfabs says:

    that is hilarious. i love those kind of guys (in an, “oh look, the puppy crapped in the bed again! puppy!” kinda way) when i’m not around them.

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