no, YOU be fit

So hands up, who else received the email regarding Willie Randolph’s appearance for BeFitNYC? My first immediate thought was, “Oh ho ho, I’m glad to see Willie is so concerned about New Yorkers’ well-being when THE METS WON’T EVEN SEND RYAN CHURCH TO THE DL AFTER HIS SECOND CONCUSSION.”

And then they finally did.

The BeFitNYC thing coincides with my rediscovered love of not being a fatass. This past Saturday morning as I was OMG SWEATING WAY TOO MUCH, I thought “Well, as long as I’m sweating I might as well do something productive.” So I went for a run. This was my first run in over a year, when I went to visit California and ended up running down the Santa Monica beach with my best friend just about every day. I came back to New York with the full intent of continuing. Then I realized that parts of my neighborhood are like Little Chechnya, and instead of a nice oxygen-filled sea breeze I was inhaling exhaust and garbage stench. So, not so fun. Also I was lazy. But considering the weekend was WTF SO HOT ALL OF A SUDDEN, I decided to start up again and maybe lose some weight and feel better about myself.

So, I was interested in seeing what BeFitNYC recommended for athletic things to do in my neighborhood. The following conversation then took place:

me: i wonder what neighborhood fit things exist in east williamsburg
something involving cocaine, i bet
Stan: haha
staying slim and being fit aren’t exactly the same
me: lol this shit just suggested i go play softball at the marcy playground
i smell sex and mugging

And now, just because, The Hipster Olympics:

9 Responses to no, YOU be fit

  1. Bill W says:

    Oh, this steambath is the last environment in which I would consider reviving my running (which was never more than 3x weekly).

    I think you could get a Church-caliber concussion banging your head on the humidity.

  2. billyfabs says:

    i finally broke down and bought an air conditioner because i CANNOT DEAL.

  3. caryn says:

    I got the Marcy Playground joke.

    BASEBALL CONTENT: I once had to suffer through Marcy Playground playing a set at the Jack McDowell Benefit Concert in Seattle when the All-Star Game was there. Unfortunately, it was THIS HOT in Seattle (which never happens) and the concert was seven hours long, and the local alternative station, wanting to help Jack raise money for charity, told everyone that Eddie Vedder was going to be there. So instead of a great seven hours of watching bands we actually liked and enduring Marcy Playground, it was HOT and filled with UW fratboys who sang along at top volume during Marcy Playground, and yelled for Eddie Vedder non-stop during everyone else’s set.

    Jack McDowell has a band. It’s called Stickfigure. They were better than Marcy Playground.

    Everyone who performed in the show got a ticket to the all-star game. Most of them didn’t know what ot do with it. Someone who shall remain nameless offered me theirs, until I looked at hte price on the ticket and suggested they donate it to charity, because I did not at that time have the right to a baseball ticket that cost three figures.


  4. billyfabs says:

    wait…people know more than one marcy playground song?! what in the world.

  5. Bill W says:

    Also, what is with Wright being THIRD in the All-Star 3b voting? Stuff those boxes.

  6. billyfabs says:

    i’ll stuff his box if you know what i mean

    i don’t know, obviously i love the man, but his performance so far certainly doesn’t warrant a start over (god this kills me to say this) larry jones. a-ram though? i don’t know why he’s behind a-ram.

  7. Bill W says:

    (I know what you mean, I gave you that one on a platter.)

    Except, unless Larry squeaks out a bare 502 plate appearances hitting .380, Wright’s numbers will be close to his at season’s end; you know it. I usually weigh last season 3:1 over this one when voting, otherwise one gets the delusional idea that Ryan Ludwick and Xavier Nady should be All-Star starters.

    No one really thought the Mets would win that game once it was resumed, did they? The schadenfreude at tonight’s game vs Webb should be something to witness (a friend sprung for loge boxes, so there I’ll be).

  8. billyfabs says:

    i think i’m getting to the point where i’m going to stop having expectations for this time, and just kind of pretending it’s 2003 or something.

    good luck w/ pelfrey vs. webb (oh NO) tonight. i’m going on sunday and i think thankfully get to see someone else besides pelfrey pitch for a change.

  9. caryn says:

    i think the solution to wright’s problem would be getting his box stuffed. let’s go hang out at shake shack. he’s got to walk by at least once, right? right?

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