frankly, i am stunned.

Today has been a frenzy of Joe Smith v. Jorge Sosa debate in Mets land, with the overwhelming consensus from bloggers and beat writers being that young Smith’s sparkling performance deserved a place on the team while Sosa and his $2 million ineffective slider special should be cut. The presumed reality–even amongst Smith and his teammates–saw the Mets keeping Sosa and his contract in favor of Smith and his options, so as not to risk losing Sosa. This sparked lots of upset and angry opinions from Mets fans.

And to be sure, I was all set to join the fracas and portray my disgust and confusion and bile. As soon as it happened. And is it turned out, it didn’t. Glad to not add to that shitstorm.

But I’m shocked and overjoyed to see that the Mets made the right decision, that they favored performance¬† above money, solid youth over ruined experience, results over the hypothetical. For once, at least, we can’t complain about a front office decision.

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