pros & cons from this weekend

Because I’m lazy.

Pro: Buying a John Maine t-shirt.

Con: It kinda looks like ass.

Pro: Witnessing a hilarious third inning on Friday.

Con: Literally everything else about that game. It was easily the worst baseball game I have seen in person. Two hits? Two hits all game long?!

Pro: By now we’ve all seen the Joe Smith heckling Cubs fans video, yes? I think it’s awesome. He’s such an affable and mild-mannered guy (and grew up a Cubs fan to boot), so to see him get riled up is a nice change of pace from this Ho-hum snooze button of a team.

Con: People getting into a tizzy about it. C’mon, this is baseball. Also, the fact that no one except Adam Rubin bothered to ask about it. Says Smith, “I was defending the New York fans.” So can we stop being SHOCKED!!!!! about his “bad language”? Fucking Christ.

Con: Joe, you really sucked in that game, so maybe you should try to ignore that shit. Also: some New York fans really don’t deserve the defense.

Con: Case in point: Look, I know that game SUCKED OH MY GOD SERIOUSLY on Friday, but do you really need to boo? Really? God, Delgado wasn’t even in the game. Just an unpleasant experience all around: bad baseball, no fun, terrible atmosphere. It says something when people are more interested in the fights breaking out in the stands (which, groan) than what’s going on in the field (though considering Friday’s game, I guess I understand).

Pro: Carlos Delgado’s two home runs yesterday. There is no other Met that I’d like to see rebound.

Con: The hub-bub surrounding his non-curtain call. Can we not just focus on his two absolute beauts instead? Also, like I said: maybe these fans don’t deserve it. If I were Delgado, I would have given them two glorious middle fingers. Shows how much more mature he is than me.

Pro: Two of three from Atlanta. Thanks, Larry.

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