If you don’t laugh you’ll cry.

While watching the Mets get shat on via espn.com’s scoreboard, I saw the following as the Brewers and Cards went into the tenth inning:

“G Mota relieved E Gagne.”

So see you guys? It could be a lot worse!

Could it? *looks at Jorge Sosa* Ah. There it is.

Cubs fan Michael texted “Ruh roh” and then “Do i get extra prizes for slaughters?” before and after Sosa did whatever the hell he does. MY BROKEN HEART ISN’T ENOUGH?!?!!? Name your terms, Mike.

Oh, and a nice big fuck you to every Mets player who participated in these two games, Maine and Figgy grudgingly excepted.


  1. Bill W says:

    I don’t care what it costs, I want “Slammy” Sosa exiled.

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