Friday’s rainout did the Mets offense (as well as John Maine) no good. After clicking for 13 runs behind a fantastic Ollie Perez performance on Wednesday against the Little League Marlins, the Mets came out cold this weekend against the big boys of Atlanta. What’s cooler than being cool? Instead of “Ice Cold!” it should be “Mets bats.”

I guess I can’t really fault the offense for looking absolutely stoopid against John Smoltz; after all, Shawn Green isn’t on this team anymore. And you certainly can’t pin the loss (even if, technically, you can) on Johan Santana, especially considering he gave up one run and also hit a double (stranded on third, natch). I can certainly blame the offense for looking stoopid against the Braves bullpen though. For two consecutive games in Atlanta, they’d miraculously get men in scoring position and then do nothing about it.

AND I can certainly blame the bullpen (or at least Sosa and Heilman) for giving up homers instead of keeping the game close. And what burns is how, after these homers, the Mets would score what would have been the game-tying run(s). Both times. Yesterday’s 5-3 game, Sosa gives up a grand slam; next inning, the Mets score two runs. Shoulda been 5-5 instead of 9-5. Today, Heilman gets by the first two batters then walks Larry Jones (me: “Oh, a two-out baserunner. Against Heilman. That’s not good.”). Then Teixeira (how good is this guy? Can we somehow get him next year?) golfs a two-run homer. The Mets score the next inning, but instead of a tie game it’s 3-1. To be fair, Brian Schneider could have tied up the game had Teixeira (there he is again) not made a great defensive stop for the final out of the game.

Ugh. Too many LOB w/ RISP. Good (or, in Saturday’s case with Maine, not-good-or-even-serviceable-but-at-least-not-too-damaging) starting pitching, one effectively game-winning hit against the bullpen (predictably mismanaged by Willie on Saturday…why was Sosa still in there?), all-for-naught late-inning attempted comeback cut short. I thought it stopped being 2007.

One Response to ugh

  1. santana57 says:

    you got a nice lil blog her billy.

    willie and the entire team are on a short leash. we can’t afford a poor start. 6 games and we’ve already had three bullpen meltdowns.

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