what a buzzkill encore

Pedro Pedro Pedro. Giving up four runs on two home runs. Then the Mets cut Florida’s lead to one. Then Pedro goes down with a hamstring injury. In the second game of the season.

What in the fuck.

I’m not gonna comment much on Pedro because obviously this is a real kick in the balls, especially considering what transpired last night. I will say that, after he went down, the bullpen really showed its mettle. Yeah, Matt Wise blew it with that changeup to Robert Andino (who the fuck is that?), but he made the previous two batters look silly. Aaron Heilman provided further evidence for his possible removal from Coop‘s Big Pussy Posse (homegirl even reluctantly said this last night!). Willie, who somehow learned how to manage a bullpen, employed Scott Schoeneweis and Joe Smith correctly for a perfect seventh. And big balls moral victory of the night to Jorge Sosa–who looks like my dad–for relieving Pedro and doing a bang-up job at that.

Aside from PEDRO GETTING HURT IN THE FUCKING SECOND GAME OF THE SEASON WTF YOU GUYS, what kills me about this game was the inability to plate runs. Sure, they came back from that 4-0 deficit but–and this was a common concern last season too–left an appalling number of men on base. You can’t get walked five thousand times in the late innings without scoring at least one of those, guys. And the RBIs from Angel Pagan and Brian Schneider notwithstanding, that part of the lineup that begins with Carlos Delgado isn’t really instilling confidence right about now.

Also, that shot of David Wright’s in the top of the ninth would’ve been the go-ahead run in another fucking stadium. Goddammit.

So yeah, pretty much the exact opposite feeling tonight. Let’s go get ’em tomorrow. Incidentally, I’ll be joining Zoe and Coop and whoever the hell else shows up at the Blind Pig at 7 to watch Ollie Perez’s first start of the year. Feel free to stop by, the more the merrier!

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