what a way to start the season


Tonight I headed over to Butterfield 8 in Midtown (not too far from where I work, thankfully) for the MetsBlog viewing party. While there I watched the game with Zoe, Coop, faithful Mets blogger reader Dykstraw, Crazy Met Girl, their assorted friends and/or significant others, and about a hundred or so other Mets fans (can I just say that a lot of those guys were insanely good-looking? Sighz) to cheer on our boys as they opened the season against the Florida Marlins. What a great atmosphere, everyone cheering and high-fiving and screaming or groaning as a collective. It was like mini-Shea in there.

I must say this Johan Santana character has got some potential. When he began the game by striking out Hanley Ramirez, I screamed, “I already have a boner!” What a stud, honestly. His only bad pitch of the night was the two-run shot to Josh Willingham, which shouldn’t even have been an issue considering some bad calls that gave Ramirez a walk to start the inning (how bad was the umpiring tonight? Neither Reyes or Wright were out on their stolen base attempts, from what I could tell). Luckily, the Mets had already exploded for a six-run fourth, capped by Golden Boy’s bases-clearing double, after which I swear the bar’s entire male clientele would have gone totally gay for him, already erupting in “MVP!” chants. What’s funny is that some dude behind me said “Bases-clearing double right here” before Davey Boy hit it. This same guy then idiotically began talking about a no-hitter for Santana (Dykstraw and I shushed him), and then five seconds later Willingham hits the homer. Idiot.

Otherwise, it was a great night, and even Scott Schoeneweis and Jorge Sosa got out of Matt Wise’s jam in the eighth. Good way to start the season. Especially with the Phillies giving up five runs in the ninth in a loss to the Nationals.

Fuck, are we supposed to worry about the Nationals now?!!?! L-Millz and Paulie, ready for vengeance.

6 Responses to what a way to start the season

  1. will says:

    I hear this Johan guy is pretty good.

  2. megan says:

    my brother wouldn’t shut up about the no hitter either. idiots.

  3. The Coop says:

    Hey, no comment on the fact that Johan’s strikeouts impregnated me?

  4. CrazyMetGirl says:

    I think we also need to point out how much our former players helped us last night: Nady with two HRs against the Braves and Milledge’s HR vs. the Phillies (and I think LoDuca drove in a run or two as well) — they can be our secret agents during the season, stomping on the Phils and Braves, keeping them down while we ascend to our proper place atop the division.

    Or maybe they just wanted their new teams to win. Whatever.

  5. billyfabs says:

    yeah coop, i hope you enjoy your octoplets!

  6. NYMetsGrrl94 says:

    I have ALWAYS been a fan of Xavier!

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