happy 24th, joe

It’s God‘s birthday today!

Photo courtesy this guy. Doesn’t he look noble here, like some kind of infallible steed or treasure-guarding sphinx or maybe just like he’s posing for a Renaissance-esque bust?

In a currently lousy pitching day for the Mets against the Indians (Ollie Perez gave up like fourteen home runs and now Nelson Figueroa is having trouble on the mound as rain falls), Joe Smith celebrated his birthday by pitching a scoreless sixth. Huzzah! He did allow two singles: one that careened off of 3B Damion Easley’s glove and then a likely double-play ball that took a bad hop for SS Anderson Hernandez. Ho-hum. Joe–whose ERA is currently a less-than-stellar 7.56, though much of this could be attributed to bad luck hits finding holes like above or also his revamped delivery–then gets a double-play and a chopper to first to end the inning. I think he’s back on track, and while I am certain there is just too much residence in the bullpen for Smith to be included, it would be shocking if he wasn’t with the team at some point this season. I look forward to that.

So I hope Joe Smith can go and celebrate his good performance today by getting some cake or beer. Perhaps with Pedro Feliciano. My stars, these two are always yakking it up!

9 Responses to happy 24th, joe

  1. NYMetsGrrl94 says:

    i cannot believe the Indians’ announcers did not know it was his birthday!

  2. megan says:

    aw, they grow up so fast. happy birthday joey 🙂

  3. hdarvick says:

    It should be pointed out that Nelson Figueroa walked the first batter he faced on four pitches, balked him to second, and hit the next batter before Willie Randolph went out to the mound, seeing the condition of the mound after a game-long rain. The home plate umpire called for the ground crew to put dry sand on the mound so that Figueroa would be able to get a foothold on the mound the way a pitcher is supposed to. Randolph trotted back to the dugout, Figueroa’s first two pitches were strikes and he retired the next three batters 1-2-3. As he headed back to the dugout, the game was called after 7 innings because of the condition of the field. Figueroa’s ERA is now 3.13. He’s pitched 14 innings, allowing 3 runs in one inning and 1 in another inning vs. Boston, one solo HR on the only hit he allowed in 4 innings vs. Houston. He seems to be ahead in the race for long relief, but if El Duque and Pelfrey don’t do well in Sunday’s game, the five Met starters may be Santana, Martinez, Maine, Perez, and Figueroa.

  4. billyfabs says:

    that’s true; once i submitted this post, willie went to the mound and figueroa got the next three. he’s been great during ST, but i really don’t see anyone aside from pelfrey taking that fifth spot away from el duque. and as far as long relief, they’ve still got sosa hanging around with that money owed to him since no other team would bite.

  5. hdarvick says:

    I think because of what he’s doing now in ST plus what he did last season, the Mets will keep him on the ML roster. Last year, in the Mexican League (Triple A), Figueroa had 19 starts and 153 innings pitched (none in relief), averaging 8 innings per start, repeating his “innings-eating” performance in last month’s Caribe World Series with a 9.1 inning start (1 run, no decision). Two days later, he pitched in relief in a 4-4 game, bottom of the 9th, runners on 1st & 3rd (winning run), one out and, 3 pitches later, the inning was over (pop up, ground out). He won the game with a 1-2-3 10th inning after Mexico scored 3 in the 10th. Figueroa was voted the Caribe WS MVP. A pitcher who can start and give you 8 innings per game, pitch in long relief, or short relief, is a keeper. Let’s see how El Duque & Pelfrey do Sunday.

  6. NYMetsGrrl94 says:

    he was reassigned to minor league camp
    it is a sad, sad day

  7. billyfabs says:

    huh, i don’t see news of that anywhere

  8. nymetsgrrl94 says:

    i read it in a couple of places but i could be wrong and i don’t see it in those places anymore so sorry ’bout that

  9. […] last year? P.U.), it was even stated by Omar Minaya that the heretofore unheralded (unless you were this dude; good call, dude) Nelson Figueroa had pitched his way into the fifth starter […]

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