deadwood for sale!

Interesting developments in Met land. According to the Daily News‘ Adam Rubin, the Mets are shopping around Jorge Sosa and Scott Schoeneweis. I would wholeheartedly welcome any possible trade for either of these two space-takers, much like the Great Guillermo Mota Discarding of ’07. This is slightly unfair to both players considering they didn’t nearly come close to the antipathy that Mota stirred in the bowels of my hateful heart. Well, Schoeneweis certainly did (until, oddly, the last month of the season, when somehow he blossomed into the least shaky arm in the bullpen, though saying that is like gilding a turd isn’t it). Sosa is trickier, as he stepped into the starting rotation early last season and put up shockingly good numbers, and then pitched wonderfully in the pen up until he didn’t, which coincidentally occurred around the same time everyone else in the bullpen started to suck balls instead of throwing them. But his performance down the stretch was increasingly disappointing and inconsistent, which has made me uninspired at the thought of him taking up a roster spot, even if it’s simply in the Useless Aaron Sele Long Man Mop Up role.

What’s even better about this news is that it would free up two spots in an overly crowded fight for the bullpen. There’s Joe Smith, who, much as I love him (wait you guys didn’t know that? Huh, I thought I’d made that clear), I think really should start the season in AAA, and his performances so far haven’t done anything to change that train of thought/possibility. If you assume Matt Wise was already a lock for the pen, then you’ve got a chance for Steven Register, who impressed Willie Randolph, and who would have to be sent back to the Rockies if he doesn’t make the team. There are the odd possibilities of having the pen include El Duque (he’s either gonna start or be on the DL come March 31st, fucking guarantee) or Mike Pelfrey (I have to assume they would prefer him to start AAA rather than stick him in the bullpen). Then there’s people like Willie Collazo and Juan Padilla and Adam Bostick, which, like, good luck guys. Finally, there’s Tony Armas, Jr., who is nowhere to be found.

So, exciting possibilities, should either one or both be shipped off. Not so exciting, however, is the list of the walking wounded:
Carlos Beltran, Damion Easley, Luis Castillo, Endy Chavez, Jose Valentin, Ben Johnson, probably El Duque (all before spring training even started!)
Jose Reyes, Brian Schneider, Carlos Delgado, Marlon Anderson, Ryan Church, Ruben Gotay (occurring during spring training!)

This team will soon just be Johan Santana pitching to Pedro Martinez as David Wright happily fields all positions.

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