nice to win SOMETHING, huh

Some pertinent Mets news! Something that doesn’t have to do with wacky trade ideas like Jose Reyes for five cows or the possible acquisition of prima donna hitting machines! Congratulations to Carlos Beltran and David Wright for their Gold Gloves. This is Beltran’s second Gold Glove and Wonder Boy’s first. Huzzah!

Beltran’s GG is very deserved and not at all surprising, and he made what was probably the biggest catch of the year in an extra-innings affair in Houston, saving what would have been the game-winning RBI by climbing that stupid hill and making an unbelievable dive. I still remember being in a bar and screaming along with the rest of the Mets fans there (probably four, as it was a hipster bar), completely in awe at what he’d just done, and the magnitude of that catch.

Wright’s is slightly more surprising; in spite of the Mets Collapse 2007, I still would have figured he’d get MVP before a Gold Glove. The Nats’ Ryan Zimmerman seems like a solider defensive third baseman, for one. Davey Boy is no slouch either, though; probably my favorite play of the year was during a game against (I believe) the Marlins, who had a runner on first and (I believe) Jamie Moyer trying to bunt him over. He popped the bunt up between the pitcher and a ranting and raving Paul Lo Duca, only to have Wright cut across the infield, catch the bunt with a slide and–in foul territory–double up the runner at first. Good play Davey.

There was also an inning against the Dodgers where he single-handedly spared us all from an Oliver Perez meltdown by first catching a bullet to third and then fielding a ground ball that had careened off Perez’s glove. So Davey, now that you’re really good with all the flashy defensive stops, maybe you can work on not throwing the ball away after some routine fielding. That’d be nice. What would also be nice is that, now that we have a certified Gold Glove Third Baseman, we can all stop thinking about moving him to accommodate a certain other third baseman equipped with Diva ‘Tude. I mean, JUST SAYING.

And for no good reason, let us gaze at the beauty of Wonder Boy:

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  1. billyfabs says:

    ahahahhaaha. just as i wrote a new post…

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