congrats, sox

In honor of the Red Sox sweeping the Rockies, I present you with limited photographic evidence of a Halloween party this weekend where my costume was “Masshole” (aided by a shirt from one Masshole and a Sox hat from another). It, coupled with the accent, was apparently so authentic that I had dudes convinced I was Boston all night (in spite of my non-whiteness!), all of whom kept talking to me about the Sox and would come up to ask the score at various points in the night.

Behold some frightening images:

I think I was pretending to be Pedroia.

Oh, also:

The sad thing is that these photos were taken early in the night, and I progressively started to look even worse/drunker. I really dove headfirst into this characterization. YES, THAT MUST BE IT.

3 Responses to congrats, sox

  1. will says:

    Hey, did you see that David Wright will be on the Daily Show tomorrow?

  2. billyfabs says:

    i did indeed. and a buddy has promised to dvr it so that i can watch it! GOD HE’S SO DREAMY.

  3. Coop says:


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