i just…i can’t even…

With the Mets up 3-0, I was all set to say, “It’s so great having Glavine on the mound. He gives you so much stability that you’re confident things will turn out fine.”


With the Mets down 4-3, I was all set to say, “Well at least the bullpen looked decent tonight. Even Mota!”


With BIG FUCKING PIMP Marlon Anderson’s HUGE HUGE CLUTCH three-run triple in the bottom of the ninth to put the Mets up 7-4, I was all set to reiterate my drunken dedication of love, and thought “Okay Wags, let’s close this fucker out.”

Um…Wags? Where are you going?!

Nice error, MVP. Goddammit, Sosa. Yet another blown lead. Yet another all-for-naught comeback. Yet another Phillies win. Yet another measly 1.5 game lead.


2 Responses to i just…i can’t even…

  1. will says:

    Worst game of the year. So bad that even I had to blog about it.

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