It comes and goes.

Not gonna talk about today’s Mets loss to the Reds. 7-0 against Who The Fuck Are These Pitchers?!?!?!?!??! Okay. I mean, Johnny Maine just perplexes me to no end. I get that Ollie is the erratic inconsistent headcase genius (see: last night, which btw: our Golden Boys Reyes and Wright go a combined 0-for-10 and you’re telling me we won? Buh?! Paul Lo Duca: 3-5, 2 3-run homers and 7 RBIs. Shawn Green: 3-5, 2 RBI. Pedro is some magician lemme tell ya), but Maine? Up until the All-Star Break, Maine was generally solid, sometimes even brilliant (shutting down the Braves in a must-win game against TIM HUDSON allows me to use that adjective). I know he’s an introspective guy, but maybe he needs to just be dumb once in a while and just throw the goddam ball as hard as he can and stop worrying so much about whatever the hell gets into his head. Stop worrying about the home run you gave up, or the guy on base, or whatever. Bear down and fucking get that batter out. I know that’s easier said than done, but sometimes he can get this curiously frantic and nervous look that worries me, gives me pause. Ollie and Maine: still some work to do, kids. Just look at Pedro on Monday. Try and get even close to resembling the determined look in his eyes.

But I mean, a 7-0 loss after this dramatic road trip (including a homestand, this was 16 games in a row without a break, which seems kind of like a lot but what do I know) was kind of predictable. Five game losing streak, five game winning streak, the return of Pedro, and a godawful afternoon start time for the last game with most of your starters benched or hurt: letdown. I understand, and am not too upset.


I mean honestly, they are up 8-2 when the bottom of the 8th starts, and they lose 9-8? WAIT. HOLD UP. They were still up 8-6 in the bottom of the ninth? And two outs?! AND THEY LOSE 10-8?!?/1?@P11/1/!!? Oh man. Forgive my hysteria, but after the gut-punch the Phillies gave to the Mets last Thursday (y’all know what I’m saying), knowing that the Mets–even with this stupid lame boring 7-0 loss today–are still 5 up on the Phillies and now 7.5 on the Braves, well, some levity is certainly due.

Um, after the off day tomorrow (hey Reyes, eat some Wheaties or a Luna bar or something) they face Living Legend Wandy Rodriguez on Friday. Hopefully Mike Pelfrey won’t follow John Maine’s lead today, and will build on his impressive performance in Atlanta. Then we’ve got Glav on Saturday, leading up to the Big Event: PEDRO’S RETURN TO SHEA. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I’ll be waaaaayyyyy up there screaming my larynx dry and dusty.

6 Responses to karma

  1. will says:

    Wandy is TERRIBLE on the road. Actually he sucks everywhere but more so on the road. Thanks to the Braves comeback it’s still a five game lead. I’m not getting too excited yet but things sure look better than they did five days ago.

  2. Zoe says:

    Please say I don’t have to keep on photoshopping our pitchers as Star Wars characters in order for their mojo to get in gear.

    Ha. We should totally photoshop them as 80s icons instead. You gotta get Pelfrey’s head on that album cover.

  3. Coop says:

    schadenfreude is indeed delicious, especially with a ginger ale.

  4. Anderson says:

    You better be careful with that schaudenfraude/karma thing. Hopefully it won’t bite you in the ass if the Phillies overtake you guys.


    BTW you are drunk and passed out right now. Fucking lightweight.

  5. Zoe says:

    Haaaa. You are kind of a lightweight. And I know this after meeting you once…

  6. billyfabs says:

    i would like everyone to know that the past two comments are full of libelous slander and should be ignored

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