1. will says:

    I came here to get your reaction to today’s disaster. I agree wholeheartedly with a kick in the groin thrown in.

  2. billyfabs says:

    i already have bets going that the mets will either be tied for first or in second by the end of the braves series.

    i will be glad to lose money should i be wrong. as it stands, i feel like my wallet will be a little heavier come monday.

  3. Man, can all the Mets and Red Sox have a big orgy to cleanse the shitbird of a week that was? Godjesus.

  4. billyfabs says:

    borl: i fucked a red sox fan last night. come on in, the bed’s big.

    honestly i was sitting in a bar during my break, just as the mets tied it at 5. then it’s 8-5 phillies. the pain was exacerbated by yankees fans next to me whooping it up as abreu and a-rod scored on that wild throw.

    me and the grunds are going to grassroots after work. the mets love my alcoholism.

  5. Zoe says:

    ah yes. great image to capture the past 4 games. and by “great,” of course I mean “sob-worthy.”

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