remember when i said “get mota the hell away from my team”? SERIOUSLY.

Blah blah blah. It’s getting old by now. “Get Mota the hell away from my team” should just be it’s own tag, and the post can be blank, and everyone will understand. But if I’m being fair (wtf I’m being fair to Mota?!), this game was lost in all kinda shitty ways.

With Glavine doing unbelievably well (even when he’d get into jams, he looked so good up there that I was confident he’d get out of them, and for seven innings that was the case) and Carlos Delgado waking up to hit a 2-run bomb, I have to admit I became a little complacent. Part of this was having a helluva good time at the Blind Pig, watching the game with Zoe, Coop, Mets Grrl, Matt and Regis of Mets Blog, Metsheads, and Eric (he of five thousand blogs which are never updated). I have to wonder if the Mets got a little complacent as well. After that Delgado home run (which was quite thrilling, considering his awful slump of basically all season), men would get on base but never come home. The offense was just putrid: 2 hits apiece for Alou, Delgado, and Glavine. Yes, the pitcher got two more hits than our important 1-4 lineup. That’s not a recipe for success.

Feliciano came in for Glavine in the eighth, and promptly gave up a bomb to Jimmy Rollins (man, fuck that guy). Seriously, Joe Smith can’t come back soon enough (uh, he has tendinitis in his elbow. Please God make sure he’s okay). Not just for the fresh sidewinding arm, but I swear Feliciano has been mostly crap since his buddy Smith was sent down. Feliciano and Heilman teamed up to let the Phillies tie it in the eighth on a subsequent eleventyseven cheapies that never left the infield. And that little dribbler that tied the game basically won it.

Especially when the Mets couldn’t even hit the vaunted Phillies pen [/sarcasm]. And especially with Mota coming up. Mota actually pitched a great 1-2-3 in the ninth but of course he was brought in again in the tenth, and another inning for Mota is always trouble. I don’t know what happens to him when a runner gets on base, but every fucking time it spells disaster and a big fat L. Pedro fixed his delivery? Maybe Pedro can fix his head too. Pedro is a god among men.

Nice to have Endy back. Nice that the Braves lost. Nice to have good company while watching the ensuing atrocity (boy did I get drunk!). Would be nicer to get two wins before heading to Atlanta, however.

3 Responses to remember when i said “get mota the hell away from my team”? SERIOUSLY.

  1. will says:

    Yesterdays game was the first time my wife ever had to ask me to calm down and stop yelling outside of the bedroom.

  2. Coop says:

    What, you were drunk last night?? LOL Seriously it was nice meeting you last night, glad to find the site. I could not agree more with you here. And you were being fair but not just to Mota to the team’s performance. I am almost afraid to put Oh Pea out there tonight. Not that I don’t think he’ll dominate (and you heard it here first, even before MSF, Oh Pea will have the game of his career tonight), but it’s hard to win when you team actually scores NEGATIVE runs. The Phils won 2 to negative 4! Unbelievable. Friggin team.

  3. Zoe says:

    I actually didn’t notice you were drunk! But yes, these past two days…oy, is there any other way to watch?

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