i don’t want to talk about it

That was some entertaining, rollicking, up-and-down series, wasn’t it? If the Mets and Padres meet in the playoffs, it’s gonna be damn fun/exciting/potentially probably heartbreaking to watch. I like that the Padres are vaunted as an all-pitching, non-run-scoring team. Oh really. Coulda fooled me.

That bottom of the sixth. That bottom of the sixth. Marlon Anderson hitting a three-run shot to cap a six-run rally in the bottom of the sixth. I could have sworn it was over, as I and Frank and everyone at Turkey’s Nest jumped and screamed and clapped. And hey, don’t look now, but Schoeneweis has been really effective! Pedro Dos also finally got some time in, pitching a scoreless, solid two innings. Really now, this was all set up to be joyous.

What the fuck has happened to Wags this month?!?!?!??!?!?!

This is the Trevor Hoffman who is the all-time saves leader?!?!?!??!


I mean, really entertaining, fun game to watch, it’s just that when your team is on the losing end, there’s more than a bit of bad taste in your mouth. Aaron Heilman is really REALLY good at leaving bad tastes. I guess that befits Baby Diaper Ass. When Adrian Gonzalez hit a monster foul ball, I thought “Uh oh, Heilman better be careful.” He wasn’t.  What should’ve been another classic, breathtaking comeback became instead another chokejob and another Warning! Rocky bullpen ahead! sign.

Seems like it’s always one step forward and two steps back with this team. Which always makes me go Hey, remember this?

At least the Phillies and the Braves lost.

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