Apparently the Mets eeked out a tense victory over a terrible ballclub last night. Imagine that. Let us rejoice!

I managed to catch part of the final two innings at a bar last night while hanging out with Stan and Grundleberries (this was after the Yankee game was over, I guess, while in the meantime I was reduced to texting to find out the Mets score. Boo).

Observations considering I basically watched none of it:

  • Shawn Green is losing his job to Lastings Milledge, and thank God, Endy Chavez is due back in a few weeks. Enjoy the pine, Shawnny!
  • The hand-wringing over Milledge is ridiculous. Oh no, he’s enthusiastic! [folds arms] We will not have your jubilant celebrating over minor events like home runs and game-winning RBIs. To the corner with you, young man!
  • I started the year extremely happy with the bullpen: Smith-Feliciano/sometimes Heilman-Wagner just seemed automatic. Needless to say, that didn’t last. Smith’s arm fell off, Feliciano immediately got sad that his poker buddy was gone and started pitching like crap, Schoeneweis has been consistently lousy, Mota is even worse, and Wagner has lost his control over the past few games. However, Jorge Sosa has managed to impress for the second time this season, in his second role. Though he gave up a run last night. And then Willie brought in Schoeneweis. Gulp. But then Schoeneweis got the out!? Phew. Schoeneweis has actually been pitching well lately, and was shockingly the best reliever on Saturday, pitching a clean ninth. Huh.
  • Of course, that out that Schoeneweis got out of Josh Phelps induced a bit of a gulp! as Milledge seemed to lose his footing, making it a much more difficult play than it needed to be. Milledge: Drama Queen.
  • Shawn Green would have smashed into the wall (no reason), collapsed, watched the ball fall ten feet in front of him, and dove forward as it rolled behind him. Again: enjoy the pine, Shawnny.
  • The guy who has been Moises Uh…Who? for most of this season put the Mets up for good with a single, scoring Wright and Beltran. [grumbles] Way to only score two runs with a no-out, bases loaded situation [greedy]
  • PNC Park is so PRETTY and I want to go some time. Lookit!:

Oh, and your minor league tidbit of the day: Joe Smith pitched a scoreless 1.2 innings last night, earning his second save with New Orleans. Yay Joey! After an erratic first two appearances after being sent down (an 18.00 ERA? Woof!), he’s had two solid, scoreless apearances in a row for both saves, and that ERA is down to 3.60. SEND DOWN MOTA BRING BACK SMITH!

I mean, just sayin’. I miss him. Sigh.

5 Responses to OH HEY

  1. MetsGrrl says:

    PNC Park is gorgeous. It’s 6 hours. You can eat at Sonic Drive-In going to and from (with a slight detour. Yes, we have an illness). Parking downtown, RIGHT on the other side of the Roberto Clemente Bridge, is $5. and priceline can get you a cheap hotel downtown most times, otherwise stay at the airport, it’ll be fine. get a zipcar.

    anyway. people are up in arms over milledge because, well, he’s african-american. no, seriously. hotfoot said it last year and i disagreed with them (well, the argument was presented poorly). but that’s really what it comes down to.

  2. There is never, NEVER a reason to send down a pitcher ahead of Schoewey. I mean, come on.

    RELATED: we will drink on Saturday Night. In the same place as one another. Right?

  3. billyfabs says:

    mg: i have never eaten at sonic. considering i think of myself as a fast food conoisseur, this is highly embarrassing.

    borl: OMG YES PLZ

  4. Me says:

    I too miss Smitty. I too.

  5. NYMetsGrrl94 says:

    what about Xavier Nady?
    He is HOTT!

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