novak djokovic is a stud.

The 20 year old Serbian Sensation (we are legally obligated to refer to him as such) won his second career ATP Masters Series title this weekend in Montreal, and after taking out #3 Andy Roddick in the quarters, #2 Rafael Nadal in the semis, and #1 Roger Federer in the finals, he became the first man  to defeat the world’s top three players in the same tournament since Boris Becker in 1994. Djokovic’s victory puts him back to his well-deserved #3 place in the rankings ahead of Roddick, who, btw, just seems incapable of defeating anyone in the top ten. This has been a breakthrough year for Djokovic, who reached the semis of both the French Open and Wimbledon as well, and by defeating Herr Federer for the first time, shows that he’s ready to step up with nos. 1 and 2 in a way that no player has been able to in the past few years. He is immediately a threat for the U.S. Open, which begins later this month.

As an added bonus, his old friend and fellow Serbian Sensation (we are obligated to refer to her as such as well) Ana Ivanovic won a title in Los Angeles this weekend, defeating fellow Serbian Sensation (we are obligated yadayada) Jelena Jankovic along the way. Jankovic and Ivanovic are now nos. 3 and 4 in the world on the women’s side. It’s been a good year to be a Serb Sensation. I must say, I find all three of them to be delightful and talented and cute as buttons.

Something for the hetero men I guess. Do they come here?

Lastly, my perfect record at Shea Stadium was destroyed this weekend as Guillermo Mota coughed up a big fat marshmallow to Josh Willingham and Miggy Cabrera stuffed Aaron Heilman’s entire body (+ bbq sauce and coleslaw and a slice of pecan pie) into his mouth on Saturday, ruining an exciting (!) pitching performance by Tom Glavine, good defense, and two David Wright bombs in the process. As well as my perfect record. Thanks a lot, assholes (photographic evidence of said game to come in the next few days, I hope).

2 Responses to novak djokovic is a stud.

  1. stan says:

    I would wager that you have more straight male readers than tennis fan readers.

  2. billyfabs says:

    i would wager that you are correct

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