It reminds me that I need to get my GAY FOR DAVID WRIGHT campaign off the ground. T-shirts, stickers, flyers, posters…canvas all over Shea so that “confused men” like the above commenter, or David Amsden and the two men quoted in this piece of fluff can have a support group to partake in the sheer awesomeness of getting a boner because a dude is hot.

Fave examples from the above story:

In fact, when people talk about him, they tend to fall back on a certain refrain: “I’m sorry, but you’ve just got to love the kid.” To support this claim, they will point you in the direction of Wright’s smile, which seems to have transformative powers.

That’s pretty gay. And oh so true, sigh.

“Hell, I want to marry the kid,” said DeLuca, clinking bottles with Gomez. “I said to my wife—I said, ‘Honey, if I don’t come back, it means I ran away with David Wright.’ He’s helped bring the fun back to this team, okay? Which, believe you me, was missing for a long, long time.”

OMG. Talking about getting married to him?! SO GAY. Gayer than anything I could come up with. [Ed. note: That is not true, because I have this scenario involving ropes and chains and…brb.]

8 Responses to BREAKING!

  1. will says:

    The gay for Mr. Wright would tie in well with my idea for a baseball/sexual fantasy camp where you can both play ball and shower with former big leaguers.

  2. I’m more of an Otis Nixon man, myself.

  3. I mean, come on, anyone who actually LOOKS like a cigarette deserves my attention, right.

  4. metsgrrl says:

    Boring. He just strikes me as – boring.

  5. I wish my husband (your first commenter) would be gay for David and let me watch. Alas, he’s a Vlad Guerrero man. Although on second thought….

  6. will says:

    It’s true, although I love the Mets, Vlad is my man.

  7. billyfabs says:

    vlad scares me

  8. Coop says:

    I always thought Robbie Alomar was gay. Just sayin.

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