general baseballery because i am too tired (damn 10:05 EDT starts)

Last night the Mets played exactly the kind of exhilarating, winning ball they showed for the first two months, shutting down the Padres 7-0. Hurray! Taking down Jake Peavy! Excellent two-hit ball by El Duque. He even singled and…stole a base? Buh?! Hits with RISP! By…Beltran? Delgado? Valentin? Lo Duca? QUADRUPLE BUH?!

To top it all off, the Braves had dropped two straight to…the Reds? The same Reds that the Mets beat up on? The same Reds I thought would get clobbered by the Braves, as the Mets went to the West Coast to face two of the best teams in the NL? Okay. I guess the Braves just want absolutely no part in taking over the lead in the NL East. And now they’ve gone and signed Julio Franco. Boy, I hope the next Mets-Braves series features many tight ballgames where Franco is brought in for a two-out pinch-hit with the tying or go-ahead runner at third only to ground out to short.

Finally, don’t look now but the Yankees have won 9 or their last 12, 8 games behind the Red Sox, who have lost 6 of their last 9, leading to this:

Anderson: I swear to God, Boston’s lead will be down to like four by the end of July.
me: you bosox fans sure are self-loathing and underconfident when you’re not being boorish, douchey, and loud
Anderson: Hi, I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Massachusetts. And you?
me: smiley optimistic california! lalallalalalala it’s so PRETTY TODAY

I wish I were in San Diego right now. Guh.

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