poor mike pelfrey (eh, whatevs. maybe?)

No need for that, Pelf.

Well last night’s game between the Mets and Cards was rained out (did it really rain last night? I, uh, was very drunk very early and made some bad decisions, so fucking rain wasn’t even a concern, HELLO), which is always awfully disappointing, especially when you really want to see your team step it up to end a series. I mean, good God Mets. Hit a few balls here and there why don’tcha. Maybe going to Philly will wake you guys up.

If there are are some silver linings to last night’s apparent literal storm clouds, it’s that the Mets will have had some rest before they play today’s doubleheader (itself a makeup for one rained-out game earlier this season). Which means that last night’s starter, El Duque, will pitch the day game and John Maine will pitch the night game. Which also means that poor beleaguered no-luck Mike Pelfrey, who was supposed to be called up from the minors to start today’s game, will stay in New Orleans.

I really want to like Mike Pelfrey. I feel bad for the kid. He loses all five of his starts to begin the year, gets sent down, and has an opportunity to redeem himself only…no, sorry, thanks for playing, please stay where you are. Will the sun please shine on him at least once in his life?!?!?! Why does it always rain on him?!?!?!

This is not to say that I’m disappointed that he won’t be pitching. I definitely called him a “piece of shit” more than once this season. It was like Automatic Loss Time for every start, a deep burning pit of doom that would envelop me until I was belligerently screaming like I was Piniella Jr. In fact, as I behaved in that manner during what would be his final start, I got the following IM:

brent: it’s too bad pelfrey probably won’t make much money off this whole baseball thing, because he seems like he’d be a really good philanthropist

Which I chuckled at heartily, especially since it was coming from a dim 19 year old (sorry Brent! Nothing personal! I think you’re all dim!).

So maybe my current sympathy isn’t really called for. However. As I was moving a few weeks ago, I found a very old copy of the Daily News that I bought last year, and I remember looking at the pictures and recap of this game and thinking, “Hm, that new pitcher is cute.” When I found it, I realized it was Mike Fucking Pelfrey. I was perplexed. Really? I thought Mike Pelfrey was cute? The Mike Pelfrey that I have been calling a piece of shit? Hm. (To be fair he looked great in those pictures, but I can’t see any current resemblance…also, he actually won that game LOL I make joke)

But he’s a young kid, and obviously has some talent, just needs some control and also maybe to calm the fuck down and stuff. I will hope for his eventual (successful) return and will cease calling him a piece of shit. After all, I have Schoeneweis for that.

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  1. […] big story for me was seeing Pelfrey (of whom, ahem, I may have said some not-nice things about once upon a time) look loose and comfortable on the mound, doing a lot to alleviate at least some of the fears that […]

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