UGH. It was looking like yet another magical Mets comeback victory, another one of those games where you’re absolutely sure that the Mets won’t lose. They don’t lose these games! They don’t. Oh, except for some poor managing decisions late in the game. Can someone please walk me through the ridiculous thought process that went on in Willie Randolph’s head? The Mets just tied it up 3-3 in the bottom of the ninth, runners on second and third with two outs, and your pinch hitter is…JULIO FRANCO? Oldest man in the world? In what universe–IN WHAT FUCKING UNIVERSE–do you decide to have Franco pinch hit when you’ve got better options (Damion Easley and Ramon Castro) sitting on the bench?

So, okay. Franco grounds out to end the inning, and we go to extras. Okay, the Mets still win these games. Breathe in, breathe out. Billy Wagner does his usual brilliant 1-2-3 in the tenth, and in the eleventh you bring in…SCOTT SCHOENEWEIS? Worst Show Ever. In what universe–IN WHAT FUCKING UNIVERSE–do you decide to bring in Show before Joe Smith (or hell, even Aaron Sele, the last remaining bullpen option)?! Of course–OF COURSE–Show then gives up a homerun to Brendan Ryan (his first career homer!), and after managing to squeeze two outs out of Show, Willie THEN decides to bring in Joe Smith. Oh, but St. Louis then scores an insurance run on an error by Jose Valentin, who had earlier tied the game on an RBI double! Way to wipe out that goodwill, Jose. The Mets of course go quietly in the bottom of the eleventh to end the game, losing what should have been their fifth win in a row, and their second in a row in extra innings.

As referenced in the previous post, I had a few palpitations when Schoeneweis was brought in on Sunday, but he managed to go 1-2-3. He also had an eight-run lead to work with. These are the only times Show should ever be brought in. And even then, think long and hard before you bypass Sele. Jesus fucking Christ. Someone take away that man’s brisket.

5 Responses to WORST SHOW EVER

  1. We’ve got one of these in Boston. It’s called Mike Timlin.

  2. Genny says:

    I thought Franco was a pretty decent pinch hitter, one of the best in the league actually. They do seem to have their old magic though. Let’s see what happens tonight.

  3. metschick says:

    I HATE schoenweiss.


  4. Chin up. There’s only 2.5 years and $9 million left on Schoenweiss’s contract.

  5. metschick says:


    Also: I hate rainouts.

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