that’s more like it

Phenomenal game by the Mets, snapping a four-game losing streak by beating Detroit. It looked iffy at first, as Tigers pitcher Chad Durbin seemed hell-bent on making the Mets offense look downright silly. It ended in the top of the fourth as David Wright hit his tenth home run of the season, becoming the team leader. As if saying “Nuh uh,” Carlos Delgado then hit his tenth in the top of the seventh. An insurance run came in the top of the ninth. Already having a stellar defensive night, Carlos Gomez bunted to first, went to third on a Carlos Beltran single, and scored on a Delgado sac fly. Not quite a huge offensive breakout, but good enough.

“Good enough” isn’t quite the phrase for Jorge Sosa’s pitching tonight. He was once again stellar, pitching four-hit ball in a shutout of the Tigers, the highest-scoring team in the majors. For someone who struggled so much last season, it is amazing to see his transformation. Sosa is now 6-1 on the season. Lastly, excellent job by Billy Wagner to bounce back from last night, recording his 14th save of the season.

Also: David Newhan, who has been an object of much derision from me, was sent down to New Orleans. I can’t say I’ll miss Mr. Why-don’t-I-ground-out-in-every-at-bat. Though I’ve always liked his ugly mug. Looks like he shoulda been a ’50s character actor, someone who’d be the working Joe sidekick to the main hunk in a Tennessee Williams play.

One Response to that’s more like it

  1. MetsGrrl says:

    David Newhan had really nice eyes, which I only noticed after he shaved his head. Like, surprisingly nice. Didn’t match his personality. At all. Okay, so they didn’t match what I believed to be his personality based on my vivid fantasy life up in Section 12 where we pretend we know what the players are like.

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