what a waste

Yeah Paulie, you guys really just bent over and let the Phillies give it to you, huh?

So much seems to be going in the wrong direction for the Mets these days. The timely hits? Basically nonexistent. The extra inning heroics? Philadelphia’s department, twice in three days. The rock-solid bullpen? Hey, I left California to get away from earthquakes. Even BB#2 Joe Smith has been faltering lately, allowing inherited runners to score when he was previously lights-out in those precarious situations. And there’s the not-quite-small matter that we should basically plant landmines in the outfield.

The Mets got swept by the red-hot Phillies when they could have partially salvaged the homestand and gotten a good win before heading to Detroit. This was an embarrassingly winnable game for them and they fell apart. Despite a few hiccups, John Maine pitched yet another effective ball game. Down 2-0, the Mets came up with another one of their magical moments, and you could just taste the inevitable Billy Wagner save. Carlos Delgado hits a home run. BB#1 David Wright hits a big shot, slides into third, and then the umpires rule it a home run (replays showed the ball bounced off a Wise sign behind the wall, leading Phils manager Charlie Manuel to do his best Lou Piniella, getting tossed in the process). Paul Lo Duca follows it up with a home run of his own. Victory, right? I thought so.

I don’t know why Willie Randolph decided to bring Wags in for the eighth. Why not Smith? It didn’t seem like it would be damaging until Pat Burrell’s game-tying homer in the ninth, giving Wags his first blown save in 14 tries. Extra innings. Okay, I think, the Mets are good at extra innings. Not tonight, and not two nights ago. Tonight’s big fucking wailing goat: Scott Schoeneweis. As soon as I heard the name, I groaned. Turned out to be the right assessment. The guy has a severed tendon. Sure, it’s a useless tendon, and he can still pitch (theoretically, because he clearly cannot), but honestly, Worst Show Ever. I don’t know how many times I and other Mets fans can deride his ineffectiveness before something happens. Let’s go find him and make him bend over. And not in any kind of affectionate what-I’d-do-to-Davey-or-Joey way. No. More like a what-the-Phillies-did-to-the-Mets-this-week way.

One last gripe: awful lousy awful hitting, especially with runners in scoring position. Bottom of the first, runners on second and third, two outs: David Wright pop-out. Bottom of the fifth, Jose Valentin (nice to have ya back!) on first, one out: terrible John Maine bunt to force Valentin out at second, and then a Reyes pop-out. Bottom of the sixth, before the beautiful Delgado-Wright-Lo Duca hat trick, Beltran grounds into a double play. Bottom of the seventh, runners on second and third, Ben Johnson pulls a Beltran, and Beltran grounds out again. Bottom of the ninth, Johnson strikes out with David Newhan on second (Newhan of course not getting a hit, but rather in as a pinch runner for Valentin).

Painful. What should have been a highlight reel for Maine, Delgado, Wright, and Lo Duca became instead another night of wasted opportunities. Hey Mets, stop resembling my lovelife.

Eh, I haven’t even had the chance to bend over.

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