my sweet lou

Hey, if I had to manage the Cubs I’d look like this too. Poor Lou Piniella. Since my adolescence I have always had a huge soft spot for him, partly because of the awesome quotability of his rants. My list of excellent quotable off-the-rails celebrities goes something like this: Shaq, Courtney Love, Lou. An estimable triumvirate, to say the least.

The Cubs didn’t do any favors to last night’s makeshift Mets, losing to the Braves in spectacular fashion, not least of which was the showdown between Carlos Zambrano and Michael Barrett in the dugout. Being a Cubs fan must be an endless trip into despair. This thread over at Bleed Cubbie Blue showcases a lot of fantastic neuroses and personality, as well as calling for the immediate trade of Zambrano to the Mets for Aaron Heilman and Mike Pelfrey. Hm. Somehow I don’t see that happening, though it’s an intriguing idea.

I feel sympathetic towards the Cubs (I mean, I grew up in Los Angeles during the tumultous/aggravating/trainwreck Nick Van Exel/Del Harris Laker years), though there does exist an endless well of schadenfreude whenever they collapse, because it generally means a brilliant post-game monologue by Sweet Lou. Worthy of Sunset Blvd or All About Eve. Before MLB inevitably takes it down, just watch this:

Nice to see the good ol’ “You see the damn games!” rant.

2 Responses to my sweet lou

  1. Joe says:

    i think that i might prefer watching lou freak out to most things i have ever seen. especially when he starts blaming the players.

  2. MetsGrrl says:

    Hey, Lou taught the fans in Seattle to boo bad calls. THat’s HUGE.

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