Jose! Quit it! His back hurts!

Groan. So the Mets are not only without Pedro Martinez, Jose Valentin, Moises Alou, Shawn Green, and Carlos Beltran, but now Davey’s out too? Guh. We gain El Duque and lose two of our biggest bats. What happens when Pedro comes back? Down goes Reyes? (Oh God, please, I’m joking)

The Mets go up against last year’s Cy Young Brandon Webb. Good news is that the Mets smacked him around last time they faced him. The bad news, well, is in that paragraph above. Let’s home maybe they’ll feel better and Beltran and Wright can come up with RBI singles in the bottom of the ninth? Where oh where is Ryan Dempster when you need him.

Davey, I give good backrubs. Just sayin’.


  1. metsgrrl says:

    Shoulda seen Davey pouting in the dugout like a four year old. Sitting on a cooler, arms folded over the railing, head slumped in the arms.

    woulda rather seen him on the field.

  2. billyfabs says:

    poor baby. all he wanted to do was play a batebaw gam

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