i love a free meal

Thanks to a dominant performance by El Duque and early hits by the Mets, I have won my bet with Stan, who now owes me a dinner. Oh, what classy joint shall I pick?

This was only my second game at Shea this season, and it was fairly reminiscent of the first one (a win over the Brewers on May 11). After a shaky first inning by El Duque, he completely shut down the Giants for the rest of the night. He was helped by RBIs from Carlos Beltran and BB#1 David Wright in the first, and Jose Reyes and Endy Chavez in the second. Endy Chavez with another RBI bunt. I can’t get over this kid. It was a real groaner, though, when Beltran seemed hobbled after his single, and was eventually replaced by Carlos Gomez. Can the Mets please keep its outfield healthy? Goddammit.

And basically…that was it. El Duque managed no hits for the rest of his tenure (the only other hit coming off BB#2 Joe Smith, who otherwise pitched another solid eighth. I love Joey), and after shelling Matt Cain for the first few innings, the Mets didn’t threaten from then on. As much as I love dramatics of the kind that occured on Tuesday, I also enjoy the kind of efficient baseball I saw today. Get ’em early and keep ’em down. I don’t know, but it gives me even more confidence in our boys to see them play a game like tonight’s.

The first game I saw, we sat in a field box in left field, meaning we had to turn right to see the action. Tonight, seeing as there were eight of us (four Giants fans, four Mets fans…it was fun to harangue the Bay Area kids), we sat in the Upper Res, which I actually almost preferred, being that you could see the whole thing overhead. There were, however, a lot of idiots up there. People who were unaware that they were sitting in the wrong section, blocking up the aisles, generally being obnoxious and clueless (kind of like how people on the subway stand in front of the doors when you’re trying to exit…get the hell out of the way, jerks). One very attractive girl who kept wandering through the entire Upper Res, until finally being escorted by her date (the boys I was with were entirely enamored of her. Total sausagefest). One guy on his cell phone saying “You said you were near first base, right?” (we were behind home plate). An entire group of pubescent girls speaking indecipherable English to one another, talking the entire time about which Mets they would fuck (Wright, Reyes, and Gomez were the consensus choices). I did at least manage to not spend $80 on food and beer this time around. I almost wish I had. I’m hungry right now.

One last thing: thanks to a heads-up by Mets Grrl, you should go to this if you can:

I would go if I had a car/didn’t already have plans. If you go, please give Joe Smith my love. I would ask you to give more than that, but that might be a little scandalous for this family establishment. Also, I’d prefer to do it myself.

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  1. […] believe how awful they’ve been since June. Basically, they’ve been playing loser-ball since I won my bet with Stan. Who am I, Pete Rose? Dear Mets: I will never place another bet on you if you agree to start […]

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