welcome back, delgotter (feel free to groan at that one)

Davey rubbed Carlos Delgado’s head a lot this weekend. Hrm.

Well, I must say it was pretty satisfying that the Mets swept Florida after dropping YET ANOTHER series in Atlanta, combined with the fact that Atlanta was then promptly swept by the Phillies. The Mets are now 4 games up on the Braves. Nice.

It’s great that the Mets rebounded from their lackluster performance in Atlanta, but what was most promising by their stint in South Florida was the return or rebound of some key players. First and foremost, of course, was El Duque’s apparently stellar performance in a game I did not see (I spent that night getting drunk and playing catch…note to self: you are somehow able to throw strikes when you get more and more wasted), seemingly thankfully as there was apparently a lot of sloppy and/or lackluster play by the Mets. The next day saw the return of a John Maine win, but most importantly two huge bombs by Delgado to hopefully signify an awakening of his bat’s season-long slumber. In the final game, the Mets bats gave a nice cushion to a decent-enough performance by Jorge Sosa, who rebounded after his first loss of the season (to Atlanta, his former team).

Things to rejoice: El Duque/Maine/Delgado/Sosa. Billy Wagner’s 30th consecutive save. The continuing ho-hum dominance of Joe Freakin Smith in his eighth inning appearances (give this kid a raise). The big hits that came when needed.

Things to be wary about: Shawn Green’s broken foot. Paul Lo Duca (now the team’s best hitter!) getting hit by a pitch, causing his elbow to tighten up. Carlos Gomez and his strained hammy. And all those runners left in scoring position, particulary the consecutive bases-loaded innings on Sunday. Coulda/woulda/shoulda been a blowout.

Up next: the San Francisco Giants come to Shea, having just been swept by, uh, the Rockies? Really? Yikes. Bay Area adjacent native Stan and I have a bet riding on this series. Loser of the series buys dinner. I can’t wait to eat on his dime (uh, not that it’ll be novelty, considering he always buys me food. Best straight boyfriend ever).

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