fantasy fishing?!?!

Stan joked about starting a fantasy fishing league, and then he did it. Kudos to taking a joke too far (up next: fantasy spelling bee! Is this for real? Possibly. You never know with him). This is only the second time I’ve ever participated in any kind of fantasy sports thingamajig. The first time was doing a March Madness bracket (I don’t even know if that counts), where I would have done well except I decided that the year’s Cinderella story was going to be George Washington. Why? I dunno. (Note: by choosing Florida to win, I still managed to do respectably. I think I even beat Stan! Maybe Joe too?)

But my God, for as little as I knew about college basketball, I totally picked my fantasy fishing team on total larks like “That’s a funny a name” or “Californians!” or “He sounds like he can’t fish at all, I’ll take him!” or, considering my Massachusetts-bashing team name, “I guess I’ll include a New Englander.”

And I guess that worked! #1 in our league as of right now. Let’s go, Clambakes w/ Masstards!

Oh, and thanks to this guy for performing way above his market value:

Uh, dreamy? Um…I like seafood.

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