subway series

So pretty.

As if you couldn’t tell from the last post, David Wright is my #1 baseball boyfriend. Aside from a terrific jumping pirouette catch, Davey was not the star of last night’s game between the Mets and the Yankees. In spite of another brilliant performance (hey, two in a row now!), Oliver Perez wasn’t either. To me, it was all about Endy Chavez.

I started out watching the game with Kate and Stan, eating wings and drinking beer at Wogie’s in the West Village. I groaned as Ollie immediately gave up a well-struck single to Johnny Damon, who quite rightly tried to extend it into a double. Except that Endy Chavez chased it down, did a sweet little turn and threw a bullet to get “So Easy A Caveman Could Do It” Damon (Stan’s joke) out at second. And that was basically a harbinger of things to come. Ollie settled down, and even though he gave up a 2-run shot to Hideki “Asian Elliott Smith” Matsui (Stan’s joke again), pitched wonderfully for the rest of the night. And of course, Endy’s 2-run shot ended up being the deciding factor in the Mets’ 3-2 win.

Some time around the sixth inning, Kate and I left to meet up with some friends at the Levee (omg Beam Creams!) in Williamsburg, and we showed up as Billy Wagner was looking to get his 10th consecutive save opportunity. Unfortunately this means I missed watching Joe Smith (baseball boyfriend #2) battle and eventually strike out Derek Jeter. Man, I would have loved to have seen that.

But let’s go back to Endy. That throw to beat Damon. His ultimately game-winning home run. A few weeks ago, he had a drag bunt that gave the Mets a win in the twelfth inning. Endy, I love you.

I also love that the Empire State Building is lit in Mets colors on the East-West sides and Yankees colors on the North-South sides. Whoever wins the series will get to see the building lit in their colors on all sides on Monday. I fully expect to see a big shining beacon of blue and orange.

4 Responses to subway series

  1. metsgrrl says:

    If you don’t have that “The team, the time, the 2006 mets” DVD, I heartily recommend it, for the footage of Merengue Night last year, with Endy, Jose and OMAR dancing, everyone in street clothes.

    But Endy was busting some moves.

  2. billyfabs says:

    i’ve been wanting to pick that up. that sounds hilarious.

    i’ll just have to turn the dvd off before any yadier molina bullshit.

  3. metsgrrl says:

    We are spared the Yadier Molina heartache. C’mon, it’s propaganda from the home office.

  4. billyfabs says:

    oh phew. i love puff pieces with my favorite boys

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