This past week I attended Stan and Joe’s enormously fun, rowdy, oft-frustrating (Tom Brady, Sr.? Get the fuck out) sports trivia night and had the unfortunate experience of having some douche at the bar call me a faggot. This hasn’t happened in earnest since I was in high school. After a little bit of jawing (I can talk shit with the best of ’em) he said something to the effect of “You don’t belong in here,” which basically pissed me off. I finished the final round (my team won, apparently, though I contributed almost nothing) before angrily storming off.

It wasn’t so much the “faggot” talk–I’ve been called that before and worse, and yes it’s unpleasant but at this point in my life I’m more incredulous at it than mad–but rather the parting “You don’t belong in here.” What did that “here” mean? The bar? The trivia night? Amongst sports fans? It’s no surprise that the world of sports attracts your fair share of lunkheaded archaic boorish machismo bullshit, and sure I don’t really know that many gay sports fans (I don’t know that many gays to begin with, but that’s a whole other issue), but there’s no rule of exclusivity. There’s room to watch baseball and not spout homophobic rhetoric. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. Mr. “You don’t belong here” was quite possibly not a genius.

So basically, here’s my response. A sports blog. What the hell. In many ways, being a sports fan who happens to kiss boys now and then (mostly then, guh) is kind of perfect. Not only can I cheer on the astonishing prowess of my favorite athletes and teams, but I am also able to heartily ogle and objectify their various physical attributes. I’d say that’s a win-win. I’ll take a “faggot” here and there if I have to.


3 Responses to inauguration

  1. MetsGrrl says:

    I’ve been waiting for you. Well, maybe not you specifically, but I’ve wondered where the hell the gay baseball fans were. And when one of them would start a blog.

    I was interviewed by Mets Weekly last year (it never made the broadcast, because the execs killed the segment on bloggers [but the damn puppet is okay? don’t get it]) and when I got the inevitable “what-do-you-bring-to-the-blogging-world-because-you’re-a-girl” I gave my usual answer that it’s not what I bring as a girl, but what I bring as ME, and that I doubted I would talk about David Wright’s ass more than, say, a gay Mets blogger.

    So, please don’t let me down. And, I got your back.

  2. billyfabs says:

    metsgrrl: i read your blog (and look at your flickr) at an almost embarrassing rate, so i’m honored, and thank you.

    and btw, it isn’t about davey’s ass. it’s the forearms. hoo boy!

  3. […] was thinking lately about this here blog. How I’d started it as some kind of personal mini-protest towards a homophobic situation I encountered while being around a bunch of sports dudes. How I thought it’d be a general […]

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